Essential Oil for Beginners: Part 2

part 2

Moving forward in my research from Part 1, I didn’t want to be another gullible consumer who believes everything I read as being the gospel truth. I’ve learned from past mistakes that if something is too good to be true, it usually is. I wanted to try some recipes and see how they worked before making a total commitment. I think these oils have a place in the world, but are not miracle cures, so I set the following parameters for me and my family:

  1. Cost.  This is a big factor since I am on a budget. I want to invest in good quality oils for a decent price. I don’t buy in to the propaganda that to get a “pure” oil, you have to pay inflated prices. There are many other companies out there that sell pure oils at a decent cost point.
  2. I don’t want to deal with MLM companies. This is my personal opinion and choice. Maybe their oils are awesome and of good quality, but the prices are quite high for what you get and are out of reach for the average person. The whole setup reminds me too much of a “pyramid” type scheme. I don’t want to have to buy a starter kit to get reasonable prices, nor do I want to pay a membership fee. I especially don’t want to become part of a team of ‘distributors’ who don’t know much about the science and safety of essential oils, and are unqualified/untrained to advise anyone on the proper use of these oils beyond company marketing materials. The liability and safety implications are just too scary and something I choose to stay away from.
  3. I don’t want to deal with companies that have trademarked catch phrases that mean nothing, but imply everything: If you don’t buy their oils, you are somehow getting an inferior oil. I also hesitate in purchasing from companies that borrow these trademarked catch phrases to describe their oils. Why would they need to do that if they are selling top quality oils?
  4. I won’t risk ingesting oils or applying directly on my skin. This is not because I will be using an inferior oil, but because it is basic science that oil and water don’t mix. I don’t want to risk damaging my esophagus or hurting my gastrointestinal tract, liver or skin. (I understand that ingesting oils in Europe appears to be a common practice, but I’ve read too many warnings against it to chance it for myself, particularly since my gallbladder was removed last year.) There just isn’t any plausible proof that ingesting oils works to risk it in my case. **I’d love to see a study done to see what the long term effects of ingesting oils does to a person’s insides from an unbiased, independent third party.
  5. I won’t use any brand of essential oil until I thoroughly research the oil and the companies I purchase from.
  6. Continue sourcing unbiased, reliable information, including building my reference library.

To that end, when I surf online, it becomes obvious very quickly that the same essential oil companies are being reviewed or endorsed in almost every EO site I visit. I can’t believe that these are the only EO companies and set out to find others. WOW! My eyes are opened. There are lots of companies that sell essential oils—I even found another MLM company that I had never heard of before!! Are these companies all legit, or are they just around to capitalize on the essential oil phenomena?

One site that has a wealth of information is at “Whole New Mom”. The author did quite a bit of research and wrote a seven part article called “The Great Essential Oils Showdown – Which Essential Oils Company is Best”. Although I commend her on all her hard work, the company she eventually endorsed may not be the best choice for me at this time since I live in Canada and would have to consider the exchange rate, shipping costs, and possible duty charges. That being said, her research and investigation certainly can’t be discounted, and I would certainly consider buying down the road. This research can only benefit others who are on the same search for information and don’t have the time or the means to do as thorough a search. Why duplicate efforts? Check it out!


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