Canadian Sources for Essential Oils, DIY Bath & Body, Soap-making and Candle-making Supplies


Ever since I discovered essential oils and their many benefits, it’s been a challenge to find good sources to buy them in Canada where I didn’t have to worry about exchange rates and duties, but still get the high-quality I wanted. With our low dollar, it made buying oils and supplies from the United States and Internationally much more expensive, despite the great selection of items offered.

So what’s a girl got to do but go on a mission to see what’s available here at home?  To my surprise, I found quite a few companies that sold excellent quality essential oils, bath and body supplies, packaging items, etc. I’ve listed my finds below and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has actually purchased from any of these vendors.  I have placed a ** beside the ones I placed orders with:

New Directions Aromatics  **

  • New Directions Aromatics is a leading wholesale supplier of raw materials to natural cosmetic makers and industries catering to the growing demand of natural personal care products.
  • With over 800 products, including more than 250 varieties of 100% pure Essential Oils, 80 Carrier Oils, and 100 Fragrant Oils, they are the preferred supplier for many leading brand-name manufacturers, as well as successful start-up companies.
  • New Directions Aromatics is also a renowned supplier of Soap & Cosmetic Bases, Butters.
  • $20 administrative on orders under $100.
  • Canadian Head Office and Warehouse in Mississauga, ON (they have a showroom and order pick up option)

Suds N’ Scents

  • Suds N’ Scents carries a great selection of soap making supplies including oils, butters, molds, stamps, adjustable soap cutters as well as essential and fragrance oils.
  • Suds N’ Scents have a variety of oxides, ultramarines, clays, soap safe mica for colouring and are in the process of expanding their mica line! You will find ingredients for your lotions, creams and other body products along with melt and pour soap bases.
  • Suds N’ Scents is a mail order company. Order pickups and personal shopping are done by appointment only.
  • Located in Abbotsford, BC

Candora Soap  **

  • Candora Soap and Soap Making Supplies carries all the quality ingredients that you need to formulate your own soap, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs, scrubs, and so much more!
  • They sell in smaller and larger quantities, so it’s easy to purchase the right amount for your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in making bath goodies for yourself, your friends and family, or if you make products that you sell.
  • Offer the perfect solution for reliable quality ingredients at wholesale prices.
  • Located in London, ON. Orders can be picked up at warehouse location with confirmation that order is ready.

Coop Coco – Bilingual

  • Coop Coco offers Canadians a vast range of cosmetic raw materials for all your soap, cosmetic and candle making requirements.
  • Each of their products is selected with care to provide the best the industry has to offer.
  • They favour natural and organic products, food grade and kosher whenever possible.
  • $10 small order fee on all orders under a minimum of $25.
  • Located in Montreal, QC (open to the public)

Creations from Eden

  • Here, you’ll find an extensive selection of the highest-quality raw ingredients for making soap, lotions or cosmetics, as well as carrier oils or essential oils, body butters and more.
  • The ingredients you purchase from them are ethically sourced and free from harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Located in Edmonton, AB

Voyageur Soap & Candle **

  • Voyageur Soap & Candle is Canada’s premier supplier for Soap Making Supplies, Cosmetic Packaging, as well as thousands of ingredients for your Aromatherapy, Mineral Makeup and Skin Care products.
  • Located in Surrey, BC (have a storefront location)


  • Canwax is a fully comprehensive candle, soap and body products making supply company.
  • Canwax carries paraffin wax from IGI and several vegetable/soy based waxes. Working with some of the top fragrance suppliers, they have stocked over 300 quality fragrances starting at $17.00 for a single pound.  If they don’t have the fragrance you want in stock, they will source it for you.
  • They have over 27 colours of dye blocks and liquid dyes. Prices are based on quantity bought with discounts for volume.
  • Located in Huntsville, ON (no storefront store, but can pick up orders from warehouse location)

Abby Homeopathy & Herbal Clinic **

  • This company takes pride in offering the highest quality essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, herbal extracts, whole herbs, herb powders, raw material, cosmetic bases, spa supply and other nutritional ingredients.
  • They deal extensively in essential oils, herbal extracts, including raw materials, powders, oils, accessories, supplies, and packaging material as well as other natural products.
  • Carries over 2000 different products to fill almost any requirement you have.
  • Located in Brampton, ON.

Windy Point Soap Making Supplies

  • Supplier of quality ingredients for creators of soaps, lotions, creams, balms and other toiletries.
  • Located in Calgary, ON.
  • Free shipping on orders of $125.00 (pre-tax) or anywhere in Canada.

Botanic Planet Canada Inc.

  • Offers the highest quality essential oils, absolutes, vegetable oils, herbal extracts, whole herbs, herb powders, raw material, cosmetic bases, spa supply and other nutritional ingredients
  • Deal extensively in essential oils, herbal extracts, including raw materials, powders, oils, accessories, supplies, and Packaging material as well as other natural products
  • Located in Brampton ON (small retail store for ready-to-use items. Online orders can be picked up at this location.)

Village Craft & Candle

  • Besides candle and soap making supplies, this shop also offers a wide array of items including essential oils, bath and body supplies and packaging materials.
  • Minimum shipping fee on orders under $25.00
  • Retail store located in St. Mary’s, ON (online pick up orders picked up at retail store location)

Aquarius Aromatherapy & Soap Supplies

  • Complete source for all your wholesale soap making, cosmetic, spa and personal care raw materials and packaging.
  • Whether you are looking to make your own personal care products or if you are a small business, they can provide you with all your ingredients from beginning to end.
  • Carry a wide variety of soap making molds, colorants, milk powders and oils.
  • Huge selection of wholesale packaging will meet all of your packaging needs.
  • Located in Mission, BC

Essential Oils Canada

  • Canadian company specializing in the customized distillation of Hydrosols.
  • Mission is to supply the most natural and purest aromatherapy grade essential oils to our customers at competitive prices.
  • Always make every effort to purchase pure and natural high quality Essential oils all around the globe.
  • Free shipping on orders over $125
  • Online store based in Brampton, ON

Saffire Blue **

  • Saffire Blue have a massive selection of quality soap making, body care, cosmetic ingredients and packaging at competitive prices. They also offer classes and workshops at their location and have an extensive resource center and recipe section online.
  • Located in Tillsonburg, ON (no storefront store, but can pick up orders from warehouse location)

Amazon **

When in doubt, check out Amazon for any of your essential oils, DIY body & skin care, and soap/candle making requirements. It’s always a good to place to start to see what’s available and to find a price point.   However, be aware that should you wish to purchase oils from Young Living or doTerra, you may not be getting the real deal as reps from these companies are not supposed to be selling on Amazon.  There have been reports that the oils may be tampered with, depending on who is selling them. This would also pertain to vendors you don’t recognize or can’t research because they don’t have a web page or contact information. In this case, it is truly “Buyer Beware”.  (See Part 3 of my Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Journey – Where do you buy quality essential oils)

If you are going to buy your essential oils on Amazon, it is always best to purchase from companies who sell directly on Amazon (like Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden), rather than a third party vendor. At least you can then research these companies to see if you want to buy from them. For Canadians, this is a great option since we can see the prices in Canadian dollars and don’t have to worry about exchange rates or duties.

Buying DIY

Health Canada Links

  1. Health Canada Regulatory Information and Cosmetic Legislation
  2. Health Canada Guide to Completing Cosmetic Notification Form
  3. Health Canada Guide to Cosmetic Ingredient Labelling

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