The Perfect Wedding Adventure!

Ashley and Thierry Wedding (82 of 358)

Hello all,

And so the adventure begins……..

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! The wedding is over and was lovely. (Pictures will be coming shortly).  Kind of a let down, actually because my creative juices were on overdrive!!  It was all worth it though, to see the look on Ashley’s face.  My daughter will be the first to say that she got her dream wedding and we didn’t break the bank to do it.

In the coming posts, I will be talking about how we did it and share some of the DIY ideas we came up with that anyone can do…..from favours to wedding décor, we did it all! Here’s what’s coming:

  1. What to look for when choosing a wedding venue to get the best bang for your buck!
  2. How to give a shower that will leave everyone smiling!
  3. Wedding invitations for a nerd wedding!
  4. Practical Wedding favours that keep on growing!
  5. Table Centerpiece that glows!
  6. Flowers that keep on giving!
  7. Cupcakes to die for!
  8. 3 Ways to personalize your wedding
  9. Cake stand that costs peanuts!
  10. Chalkboard signs from whatever you have on hand!
  11. Wedding sayings and word art!
  12. Wedding décor: How to make the most of what you already have!
  13. What to do with all those wedding photos!

This was a fun wedding to plan…….and this past summer, another daughter got engaged (last one)! I don`t know what her vision is, but after Christmas, the creative juices will be raring to go. Stay tuned!!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share a word art freebie. You can download here.


MDD_Blog Freebie Oct6_17


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