Wedding Fever-Friday Freebie


As I settle into retirement and come down from the high of planning my daughter’s wedding, I realize that life is really short and time is a luxury that shouldn’t be wasted. One thing that will never be a problem for me is boredom because there are so many things that interest me that it’s hard to decide where to direct my time. One thing that has always been a passion of mine is scrapbooking….digital scrapbooking to be precise. Before I went back to work, I used to design digital scrapbooking elements and kits under the name of ‘Carol’s Digiscrap Creations’. It seemed the perfect way to combine my passions for photography, genealogy and being a soccer mom into a permanent vehicle  for my family to look at down the road.

I ended up creating kits for my own use which I then shared with others in several on line stores that I sold at. Each kit was personal to me. I didn’t churn out kit after kit like some other designers were able to…..there just wasn’t the time nor did my creativity work that fast. So, as I look at each kit with fondness and memories, I’ve decided that they are still relevant to a new generation of scrappers. That being said, I’m in the process of repackaging and updating each kit (some with additional elements and papers). I’ve also been busy creating some quick pages as I scrap my own photographs.

The good news is that these kits will soon be available at Mystic Moon Emporium. The store isn’t open yet, but Ashley and I are working hard for our grand opening in November. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a wedding kit to scrap Ashley and Thierry’s wedding photos into an album. It’s called “Love Story”. To celebrate their 1 month anniversary, I am happy to share this special freebie from the kit with you.   You can find it here.

Here is a layout I did for my son’s wedding album:



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