Hello World, it’s Ashley.

22196423_10159690212575647_3831687656800158419_n Hello all! For those who don’t know me, my name is Ashley. I am the c-owner and creator of Mystic Moon Emporium along with my mom–collectively we are known as “MotherDaughterDearest“.

My mom initially started this blog as a way to share her interests and hobbies with the world and since we share a lot of the same interests and hobbies, it made sense to combine forces. While my mom’s biggest interests include digital scrap booking, DIYing and essential oils/natural remedies, mine include natural gemstones, essential oils, tarot reading, and new age practices.

Growing up Catholic, I didn’t really explore other spiritual avenues until I reached college. I have always been a bit more sensitive than most when it comes to spiritualism. Though I can be skeptic of certain practices, some aspects of spirituality involve a certain amount of trusting in the unknown. I am a very trusting person in general, but having this sort of faith seems to just come natural to me. Some things cannot be explained by science or logic, so the thought that there is simply nothingness after this life and nothing else out there is too depressing to be true.

As I have gotten older, I have begun to learn more about myself and know who I am. Part of this I would say, I have my husband to thank.

My spiritual journey began in college during my last year of schooling when I worked as a dorm leader. When I  learned about a student that died on my floor many years before, a couple coworkers and I decided it would be interesting to bring out a Ouija board. Of course being skeptic and not thinking anything would happen, we gave it a try. During the first while there was nothing , but eventually some weird things started to happen that night that none of us could explain. Long story short, that night made me realize that there is something out there beyond the physical – I wanted to learn more. Since then, my curiosity has grown and hasn’t stopped.


Thierry and I have a shared interest in crystals and the supernatural. After that experience in college, I had the sudden urge and interest in stones.  It was Thierry that made me embrace this passion and since knowing him I have learned more about my spiritual self.  Health is not just the physical and I have found that having an interest in spiritual health has given me a better understanding of how important it is to take care of your spiritual being. I have learned that I am an empath – I feel the emotions of others, which can be both a blessing and a curse at times.

My interest in creating jewelry started when I was browsing through Tumblr and came to a page that had wire wrapped jewelry. This sparked my interest to learn and since then I have taught myself to wire wrap. For a while now I have been running our online store on the side while working a full time job, which can be overwhelming at times but rewarding. I love creating and hope to add new products to our shop to keep things fresh and exciting. Before collaborating with my mom this would have been impossible. I am lucky to have my mom to share in this wonderful journey with me which is why we are “MotherDaughterDearest”.

Going forward, I will be sharing more about my interest in crystals, tarot, and spirituality. Thank you so much for being on this journey with my mom and I. Blessings<3


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