Sit back, Relax and Stop to Smell the Flowers : Meditation and Stress Relief

Stress. It’s a daily part of life whether we like it or not. There is good stress and bad stress but if we don’t know how to cope with it, it can become a problem.

Naturally, as a survival method, our bodies will reach a ‘fight or flight’ state when a stress is imposed. I can accurately say that I have had my share of stressful situations over the last while – when I was in university, the constant fear of failing haunted the back of my mind; money and bills can be stressful; stress from planning the wedding and while trying to maintain my own health and well-being. We, as humans have a tendency to feel more stressed when it involves something that is of great importance to us. If I didn’t feel the least bit concerned, it wouldn’t seem normal.  I have managed to find ways to deal with said stressors but it can still be a struggle recognizing and finding a solution to them.

Through the chaos of everyday life, we sometimes forget to put our own health at the forefront. It is not selfish to take a step back and focus on your own mental and physical health if it means it will benefit you in the long run.  The most common prescriptions of dealing with stress are exercise or finding a new hobby such as arts and crafts; another great tool is the use of meditation.

Every human emits an aura or energy field – it surrounds them like a bubble and can feed off of surrounding energy. A person may either feel energized or fatigued depending on the amount of negative versus positive energy surrounding them. An overabundance of negative energy can cause a person to feel drained, depressed or even discouraged. It is important that when  you get to this point to recognize that its time to take a step back.

Meditation is a way to let the mind and body rest. Meditation can be in any form – when most people think of meditation they imagine a person with their legs crossed yelling out mantras. It is important to note that this isn’t the only face of meditation. It can just be a moment of thought or letting thoughts wander into nothingness. It can be while on a bus, in the shower, or while doing something else like going for a walk or sitting at a beach. The important thing is that you are letting your mind wander and letting go of what ails you.

Daily meditation has been claimed by some to have spiritual benefits – some have even claimed it opens the gate to other practices such as astral travel and communication with spirits. Of course there are always people who are skeptical towards these claims. However, there is undeniable proof that meditation has health benefits that can help in the long run.

Above is something I personally find helpful for meditation – relaxing music. Enjoy!


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