January’s Promise!

January is a lovely time of year…. (when you aren’t freezing in sub zero weather and afraid to go outside and turn into a popsicle!!) It brings the promise of a fresh start, good intentions and the glimpse of new opportunities.  That’s what inspired me to create my scrapbooking kit which I aptly named “January’s Promise”.  This is a kit that was created in lovely hues that reminds me of the freshness of Spring that brings with it new life and light.  We can leave behind the dreariness  of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I look forward to the longer days and taking walks after supper.  I especially look forward to the warmer weather and getting back on the river.  January’s Promise gives us a glimpse of what we have to look forward to.

With the opening of Mystic Moon Emporium, January’s Promise is one of the featured kits that are available to purchase.  With this kit, you will be able to work with 20 lovely papers, 35 elements and a matching alphabet.


Not sure where to get started? As BONUS for purchasing this kit, I have included a FREE quick page where you just have to add a photo, maybe some journaling, and voila, you are done. Easy, peasy!!



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