I Challenge You to be Brave…


So, if you have been following our Facebook and Instagram pages you would know that Mystic Moon Emporium has officially signed up for our first vendor show. My mom and I have been wanting to do a craft show for as  long as I can remember and it occurred to me that I probably have no idea what I am doing – but I’m excited to learn. Part of me is probably a bit scared, but of what? Failing or just of the unknown? If I’m being honest, its probably a bit of both… but that is part of what makes this new experience exciting! As an artist I can’t be afraid to take chances and putting myself out of my comfort zone.  People who don’t take chances…people who don’t take advantage of the opportunities presented to them, deny themselves the ability to grow.

I know the more vendor shows I do, the more comfortable I will become… Thankfully I will have my husband there to help..aha. At the vendor show in May,  we will have some pieces of jewelry, candles and some other homemade trinkets –  there will also be more of a sneak peak into Pens by Thierry. With the way the weather has been lately (freezing rain in April? Really?) I am hoping that it will be a successful weekend!

Until next time,

Ashley ❤





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