21687483_1425294720859176_938365462599002222_n (1)Welcome to our blog.  We are a mother-daughter team who enjoy many of the same things. This little blog or ours is just a small part of our world where we can talk about our interests, projects and discoveries.  Join us on our adventure as we learn about the things that interest us, uncover new delights and share our many hobbies.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all!!

As a wife, mother of four and grandmother of three, Carol (left) has had lots of time to express her creativity in various forums and is happy that Ashley (right) has taken up many of the same interest besides discovering a few of her own.  Today, both Carol and Ashley  focus on things that they are truly passionate about so they can share with family and friends. We  hope you will join us and come along for the ride at this little blog of ours!.

Carol & Ashley

We’ve been mother & daughter

from the very start,

But the friendship we share

is a gift from the heart!