Chakra Bracelets – Why you should wear them!

The purpose of wearing a chakra bracelet is to balance the seven chakra energy levels. The gemstones absorb the negative energy that is all around us and leaves us with positive energy. What does that mean? Well, chakra bracelets are supposed to have healing powers that can help balance you mentally, spiritually and emotionally, thus helping to restore you physically as well.  


Whether you believe in the healing powers of the gemstones or not, positivity starts with the mind. It stands to reason that when you are in a negative mood, you don’t feel good. Same goes that you feel better when you are in a positive mood.  Chakra jewelry can be great additions to your wellness regime if you are looking to improve your mind-body connection. Understanding the basics of the different chakras and how they affect your energy centers is a good place to start in learning about how the seven chakras are linked to the human body. To learn more about chakras, check out this blog post: Chakras: 7 Wonders of Energy: Introduction.

Wearing a chakra bracelet as an accessory is one way to assist in  balancing the seven chakras.  Some people say that the benefits come from the energy of the stones while other say that the bracelet promotes awareness  to focus on balancing the chakras.  Others simply wear the bracelets for aesthetic reasons. If you want to try wearing a chakra bracelet for yourself, our bracelets are crafted to be both aesthetically pleasing and to harness the healing powers of the stones used in each bracelet. They are meant to absorb any negative energy so that only positive energy is left to be enjoyed. Visit our shop to find the chakra bracelet for you! Didn’t find one you like?  Check back soon as we are adding new products to the store almost daily. We also do custom orders!




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