Chakras: 7 Wonders of Energy: Introduction

Our Connection to Energy

Life is energy with different forms of energy merging and working together. These different forms and frequencies of energy sync together to create harmony.

Whether you believe it or not, like all other forms of life, humans use energy systems to go about their day. It should be no surprise, then that there are points on our bodies where energy can flow in and out in a steady stream. These energy points are called “chakras”.

There are skeptics out there, but this is nothing new. People argue against the theory surrounding energy systems using science. I went to school for health sciences so I know this very well.  Some things in life however, cannot be proven with science and logic. It’s a question of belief.

The notion that there are energy systems in the body, and that life functions with energy has a mystic feel to it…. almost magical. But this idea has actually been around for a long time.

Introduction to Chakras

The theory behind bodily energy systems is thousands of years old.  Cakras (as it was originally referred to [not a spelling mistake] – focal points), comes from the tradition of Tantrik Yoga. Tantrik Yoga took off from 600-1300 CE and is still alive today. There have been many branches of Chakra systems, the seven chakra system that we know today being one of them. For an interesting perspective about the historical roots of chakras click here.

The seven chakras that we know today are: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Each chakra is associated with a particular colour, crystals and gemstones, essential oils, music and sounds and even food.


Over the next few posts in this series, we will explore each of them in detail. We will look at specific words of affirmation, stones and cleansing methods for each chakra. As well, we touch on how essential oils are part of the equation. 


Root Chakra – The foundation of our energy system!

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