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  1. Essential Oils – Let’s get started!

The History of the Issues of Using Essential Oils 
Sensitization-What is it and how to reduce the risk
Problems with using essential oils like drugs
Problems with selling essential oils like drugs
10 Epic Essential Oil Myths and Dangerous Uses of 2014
Essential Oil Supplier Ratings
Essential Oil Myths
How to Tell if an Essential Oil Company is Worth Purchasing From – just by checking out their  website
Great Essential Oils Showdown – Which Essential Oils Company is the best? **NEW

  1. Essential Oil Safety

Are Essential Oils Safe?
Is it Safe to Ingest Essential Oils? What the Sales Reps Aren’t Telling You!
Essential Oil Ingestion: Documented Side Effects, Injuries, and Deaths
To Ingest of Not to Ingest?
Why a Drop of Lemon Oil in Your Water Isn’t Such a Good Idea
Safety Precautions and Warnings for Ingesting Lemon Essential Oil
Why essential oils are not water flavoring agents
Toxicity Myths – the Actual Risks of Essential Oil Use
Guide to Diluting Essential Oils
Report on Essential Oil Injuries and Adverse Effects
If You Don’t Have Good Info On Internal Use, You Will Hate Yourself Later
3 Reasons to Avoid Ingesting Essential Oils
10 Things That Have Gone Wrong in the Aromatherapy Industry
News Story: Children in Daycare Exposed to Essential Oils!**NEW
When Not to Use Essential Oils **NEW
Exploring Aromatherapy – Safety Information **NEW

  1. Essential Oil Quality (Therapeutic Grade) – Trying to understand the misinformation!

The Quality of Essential Oils
The ‘Therapeutic Grade’ Essential Oils Disinformation Campaign
How to Determine the Quality of Essential Oils, Part 1
Part 2 – What Do the Certifications Mean?
Part 3 – Honing Your Senses
How to Choose High Quality Essential Oils
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils is a Potentially Misleading Claim

  1. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company Articles

Total Wacko at Total Health Expo in Toronto – Canadian Quackery Watch
The REAL Story of Gary Young and Young Living Essential Oils
Sultan Yusuf Ahmed Salah Writes a Letter to D. Gary Young & Young Living Essential Oils
Warnings dōTERRA & Young Living Won’t Tell You
MLM Watch
doTerra Oils: A Great Multi Level Marketing Scam
Essential Oils Scam:  Not a Medical Treatment
The Real Story on Young Living and Gary Young
Young Living Essential Oils: Answering The Questions
The Day Young Living Broke My Heart
What Is Doterra Essential Oils & Does Doterra Oils Scam People With Synthetic Essential Oils?
…Consider the Source!
Brand New Essential Oils Company taking the Marketplace by Storm
Approved doTerra Company Claims
Are Doterra Oils a Scam? **NEW

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