Essential Oil Copycat Charts

Ever since I started my essential journey, I am struck by the vast number of essential oil blends available that supposedly bassist with a vast array of ailments.  It would be impossible to try all of them without going bankrupt!  As you explore Pinterest and other blogs, there are many diehards who swear by these blends, but to some of us, the cost is prohibitive, so the DIY option only makes sense. Since I don’t buy the MLM brands for reasons stated in my “Essential Oils for Beginners“, I still find that some of the blends have merits that might make them worth looking into.  Hence my collection of copycat recipes that I’ve collected over the last couple of years.

Since I like to be somewhat organized, these blends are combined into charts so I can find everything in one convenient place.  These are living lists, so as I find new recipes, I add them to my charts.  If you have any to share that aren’t on the chart, let me know and I will add:)

Please note that I make no promises regarding the blends in these charts.  They are just recipes I have collected that are copycats of the originals that other people have tried to duplicate and which I am freely sharing.  I have gone to the company websites to note the oils in the original blends for comparison purposes.  I do not guarantee that the percentage of oils in the copycat recipes are just like the original blends or that they do what is claimed by the company. That is for you to decide, research and experiment with.

Also note that these are master blends. For information on diluting you will find a guideline that I like to use called: DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILS SAFELY – SAFE DILUTION GUIDELINES FOR ALL AGES

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68 thoughts on “Essential Oil Copycat Charts”

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Ellen. No, I don’t have a copycat for adaptiv, just what’s on the charts already.

  1. These copycat recipes are AWESOME! I used a few of YL blends regularly for several years, but had to stop buying them when I lost my job. I tried to recreate ImmuPower, but it was incredibly difficult and I gave up. Thank you so much for collecting and offering these for free. You’re a Blessing!

  2. any chance you have recently updated your copy cat chart list. I have made a few and it really is awesome…..I am looking for a copy cat for CHEER from DT.

  3. I haven’t been able to find the (YL) Inner Harmony blend. I know the oils just not how much of each oil.

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    1. Hello Mariah,
      I don’t know about White Lotus as this is an oil I’m not familiar with, but I have read that you can substitute Chamomile for Blue Tansy.

  5. Hi & love your work!!! I’m desperately seeking the copycat of Plant Therapy’s Poop Ease – of which I’ve read very good things about. Please share when you come across? Thanks kindly in advance x

      1. Richard Pecoraro

        5 Frankincense, 5 Sandalwood, 6 Rosewood, 7 Lavender, 4 Lemon, 4 Roman Chamomile, 2 Geranium, 5 Ylang Ylang, 7 Bergamot, 5 Rose Otto, 6 Helichyrsum, 4 Jasmine, 7 Melissa or Lemon Balm, 4 Palmarosa, 4 Angelica, (dilution 80% (75/19))

  6. Thank you for sharing these lists! Is there any chance you can share a copy cat for YL Mister oil and YL Shutran oil?

  7. Hey there. I made a double batch of your recipe for Shutran (YL) and It burns. Turns out there shouldn’t be Cinnamon. This should be Lavender instead. FYI

    Thanks for the recipes!

    1. Hi Jim. Thanks for the comment. These recipes are supposed to be master blends so I hope when you use them you are diluting them accordingly. I am in the process of updating my charts so I appreciate you letting me know about the lavender instead of the cinnamon. Thanks for visiting:)

      1. When you say these are master blends does that mean that you add all of the drops for the particular blend you are making in a container and then when you want to use the blend, you then take that blend and dilute it in another container? (I’m interested in making the Aroma Siez YL blend)

        1. Mother Dearest

          Yes. That’s exactly what is meant by “Master Blend”. Mix the oils for the master blend in a glass bottle. I usually use a 5 ml vial. I follow the dilution chart above when using for roller bottles or infusing. Hope that clarifies things. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Hi Clara,
      Unfortunately, I do not. Will look at these blends as they look like a couple of their seasonal blends. Thanks for visiting and check back:)

  8. Hi, thanks so much for these recipes! I’m still looking for a few more doterra ones if you come across them – motivate, Hope, arise, anchor, align and Zendocrine. And any idea where to find cocoa bean oil? I’ve never seen that anywhere. Thanks

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I don’t have these recipes yet. Still looking. Not sure where to find cocoa bean oil, but you may want to check out my Essential Oil sources page. I’ve listed lots of sources that may carry that particular oil.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us. I have a Young Living Book with the blend ingredients but Progessence isn’t in there. I think it might be newer. Do you have any info on that one?

    1. Hi Eunice,
      In some of the blends, I found several versions. I distinguished them by naming them V.1 (Version 1), V.2 (Version 2), etc.

  10. Thank you so much for those blend recipes.If you will have in the future also Plant Therapy Respir aid blend recipe, please share with us.

  11. I would like to make Doterra balance. I have all the oils however how much of a carrier oil do I need in a bottle like the doterra to make it up please? I’m so lost.

    1. Hi Kelly

      Thanks for asking. Whenever I use one of these recipes, I check the safety charts to make sure the number drops listed matches the amount of carrier oil required for the dilution percentage I’m making.

          1. Richard Pecoraro

            My recipe for Raven:

            20 Ravintsara, 12 Eucalyptus radiata , 11 Wintergreen, 12 Peppermint, 20 Lemon (dilution 80% (75/19))

  12. On the recipes like YL Aroma Ease, I see where you have the oils and carrier but no numbers.. it this one drop of each oil? Also, I need to know what the different recipes along the page represent? Are they just different size master blends or are they different variations? Thank you for all the hard work you have put into these!

    1. Thanks Annette,

      In the coloured area where there aren’t any drops…..that’s where I recorded the actual essential oils that were listed in the blend from the brand web pages. I did it out of curiousity for my own info so I could compare the copycat blends with the originals. For some of the blends, I found more than one master blend recipe and wanted to compare the differences. I compiled these charts to share my findings and leave it up to you guys to try them out and hopefully share results.

    1. I don’t see why not. Just remember that these are master recipes. Depending on how many drops of essential oils your soap recipe requires, you’d have to adjust your master recipe to accommodate.

    1. Generally, yes. If the amount of drops seems too high, I check the dilution charts and dilute accordingly depending on the strength I’m looking for. I haven’t worked will all the recipes yet so this is still new to me. I like having my recipes in one place so I can find them when needed. Let me know how they work for you!

  13. My family has been traumatized by child molestation – I have been looking for the S A R A blend for YEARS, because we cannot afford the Y L brand even if I wanted to. I am nearly in tears right now with all of the recipes I am now frantically writing into a popular emotional releasing book, in it’s back ingredient list!! Thank you SO much. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am.

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