Essential Oil Copycat Charts

Essential Oil Blend Copycat Charts

Essential Oil Blend Copycat Charts


Ever since I started my essential journey, I was struck by the vast number of recipes available for all kinds of blends to assist with a vast array of ailments.  It would be impossible to try all of them without going bankrupt!  As you explore Pinterest and other blogs, there are many diehards who swear by these blends, but to some of us, the cost is prohibitive, so the DIY option only makes sense. Since I don’t buy the MLM brands for reasons stated in my “Essential Oils for Beginners“, I still find that some of the blends have merits that might make them worth looking into.  Hence my collection of copycat blends that I’ve collected over the last year and combined into charts so I can find everything in one convenient place.  These are living lists, so as I find new recipes, I will add them to my charts.  If you have any to share that aren’t on the chart, let me know and I will add:)

Please note that I make no promises regarding the blends in these charts.  They are just recipes I have collected that are copycats of the originals that other people have tried to duplicate and which I am freely sharing.  I have gone to the company websites to note the oils in the original blends for comparison purposes.  I do not guarantee that the percentage of oils in the copycat recipes are just like the original blends or that they do what is claimed by the company. That is for you to decide, research and experiment with.


YL copycat recipes

DT copycat recipes

PT copycat recipes

RMO copycat recipes


4 thoughts on “Essential Oil Copycat Charts

  1. My family has been traumatized by child molestation – I have been looking for the S A R A blend for YEARS, because we cannot afford the Y L brand even if I wanted to. I am nearly in tears right now with all of the recipes I am now frantically writing into a popular emotional releasing book, in it’s back ingredient list!! Thank you SO much. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am.


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