Essential Oil Sources

This page has grown in the last couple of years as more and more companies spring up. If you have a favourite company that is not on the list, please let me know.

Abby Homeopathy & Herbal *(Canada; US; limited international)
Absolute Aromas  (UK; International) Amazon

Aliksir Essential Oils (Canada, US; International) ***

Alypsis Inc. (Canada; International)

Ameo (MLM)
Amrita Aromatherapy  (US, International)++
Ancient Ways Botanicals (US)
AnimalEO  (Canada-for animals)
Appalachian Valley Natural Products/Anatolian Treasures (US; international)++
Aquarius Aromatherapy & Soap Supplies (Canada) PUW
Arlys (US)
Aroma Gregory Botanicals (US)
Aromaceuticals (US,International)++
Aromatics International  (US; International)++
ArOmis   (US; International)
Artisian Aromatics* (US; International)
ArtNaturals (US)
Arullio (UK ; International)
Ascention Aromatics  (Canada) *** Calgary, AB
Ashbury’s Aromatherapy (Canada; international)
Au Natural Organics  (US; International)
Aura Cacia® (US); Amazon++***
Avenir Oils*  (US only)
Back to the Land  (Canada; International)
Barefut Essential Oils* (US ; Canada only)
Base Formula (UK) (UK; International)
Better Essentials  (US; International)
Bio Source Naturals * (US)
BioFinest * (US; International) Amazon ***
Birch Hill Happenings * (US; Canada only) ***
Botanic Planet Canada Inc. (Canada; US; international) ***PUW
Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies (US; international)
Butterfly Express * (US; International)***
Candora Soap  (Canada) *** PUW
Canwax Candle and Soap  (Canada; US) PUW
Clearwater Soap Works (Canada; US)
Coop Coco (Canada) ***PUW (Bilingual)
Creations From Eden  *** PUW (Canada; US; limited international) NEW
Crearome – (Sweden) -in Swedish
dōTERRA®* (MLM); Amazon
Down to Earth Aromatics * (US)***
Eden Botanicals  (US; International) ++
Edens Garden™   (US; International) Amazon
Elizabeth Van Buren * (US) ***
Enfleurage  (US; International) ***
Essential 3 * (US; International)
Essential Elements (US) ***
Essential Oil Exchange *(US; Canada only) ++
Essential Oils Canada (Canada)
Essential Vitality (Queen Homeschool Supplies, Inc.) * (US; international)
Eve Taylor  (UK)
Eve Taylor (North America—based in Canada)
Fabulous Frannie  (US; International)
Floracopeia (US; International)++***
Florihana  (UK, France)
Florihana (US)
From Nature With Love  (US; International)
Green Sisters (Canada; International) ***
Green Valley Aromatherapy *(Canada; US)***
Gritman Essential Oils  (US; Canada, Mexico)++
Healing Scents (Canada, US)***
Healing Solutions * (US) Amazon
Inshanti  (US)
Just the Essentials,LLC  (US; Canada)
Kelley Pure Essential Oils (US) PUW++
Ki Aroma *(Canada)
Kis Oils  *(US)
Kokokahn  * (US; Canada)***
Liberty Natural Products (Wholesale Distributor)
Living Pure Essential Oils (US) Amazon
Loving Scents Aromatherapy (US; International)++
Majestic Pure™ *(US) Amazon
Melaleuca (US, International)
Miracle Oils (US; Canada only)
Morning Myst Botanica  (US; International)++
Mountain Rose Herbs® (US; Canada) PUW++
Mystic Moments  (UK; International) Amazon
Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy  (US; International)++
Nature’s Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy (US; Canada)++
New Directions Aromatics *(Canada, US) PUW
NHR Organic (UK; International) PUW
Northern Prairie Aromatherapy (US only)
Now Foods (NOW®) (US, Canada) Amazon***
Numa Essentials (Dr. Axe)* (US)
NYR Organic (UK, US) Direct Sellers
Neil’s Yard Remedies (Canada only) ***
Organic Infusions (US; International)
Oshadhi (UK; International)++
Ovvio Oils™ * (US; Canada)
Plant Guru™ * (US; Canada) Amazon
Plant Therapy® (US; International) Amazon++
PLANTLIFE™ *(US ; International) Amazon
Pompeii Organics  (US; Canada) ***++
Prima Fleur Botanicals  *(US, Canada)++
Pure Essential Oils (Canada, International)
Pure Potent Wow *(Canada only)
Radha Beauty  *(US only); Amazon
Rae Dunphy Aromatics *(Canada; International)*** PUW
Rocky Mountain Oils/Native American Nutritionals (US; International)Amazon++
Saffire Blue Inc. (Canada, international) PUW
Saje (Canada; International)***
Samara Botane (US; International) ***
Scentuals  (Canada; US)
Simply Earth *(US only ); Amazon
Spa Essentials by Lola  (US only)
Spark Naturals (US, Canada)***
Starwest Botanicals (US; Canada only)***
Stillpoint Aromatics  (US; International)***++
Sud’s and Scents (Canada; international) PUW
Sun Rose Aromatics (US; International)
Sunrise Botanics *(Canada, US)
The Essential Oil Company  (US; International)++
Verditas (US only)***
Vibrant Blue Oils*(US; International)
Victorie Inc. (US; International) ***
Village Craft & Candle (Canada)
Voyageur Soap & Candle Co *(Canada; US) ***
White Lotus Aromatics (US; International with some restrictions)++
Wild Herbs of Crete (Wait for confirmation about status)
Windy Point Soap Making Supplies (Canada) NEW
Woolzies (Amazon)
Young Living™  (MLM); Amazon
 100% P.E.O.  (US)
*** sold in retail stores, professional practices, etc.
*Use “100% Therapeutic Grade” or “Therapeutic Quality” phrase
PUW-pick up available at warehouse location
MLM=Multi-Level Marketing company
++nominated as an ethical, reputable supplier (

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