Essential Oils for Beginners: Conclusion


During my journey for credible information on essential oils, I came across some interesting readings that piqued my interest and spurred me on to find out all I could on these oils.  There are lots of books, articles, and blog posts written on the subject with varying perspectives that are fascinating reads and help to paint an interesting picture on the topic.  One thing that stood out is that the popularity of essential oils has steadily increased because people are looking at essential oils as an option when conventional medicine seems to have failed or to get back to basics with the emphasis on more natural products. Who wants to rely on drugs or synthetics when there are alternative options to maintain or improve health?  What works for one person may not work for another, so opinions are varied and often very passionate.  People are very protective of the brands they use and are very loyal in defending any negativity about them, despite evidence to the contrary.  Ultimately, consumers must do their own investigations, be aware of false claims, ask questions and live with the health choices they make for themselves, but know that not everyone will agree with them.

In my own case, I am still searching, asking questions and collecting information. From my readings, I know that there are other essential oil newbies out there that are searching for information  for the same reason as me.  This collection of readings and resources is for them.  It will be updated periodically as I continue to search for pertinent information to educate and inform myself.  Read these articles for yourself and keep an open mind. If you (on your own information quest) see a claim on Pinterest or on blogs that seems to be too good to be true or questionable, question it (and report it), particularly miracle cures and unsafe practices.

As I conclude this series, I haven’t decided on a single brand of essential oil, but rather several different brands.  I will write about them soon.

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