Essential Oils for Beginners: Part 3

As I clarify in my own mind what I want to do with essential oils (see Part 2), I now need to make an investment and decide which companies I want to deal with and where to buy them.   My search yielded amazing results that I will share with you now……….

The general consensus appears to be that it is best to buy essential oils online because you have no way of knowing how long oils in stores have been sitting on the shelf. (You can tell it’s been a while if there’s dust on the bottles).  Most of the big companies have their own web sites with contact information if you want more information which is great.  I like to look at the FAQ pages first to answer basic questions and then go to the contact pages where the phone numbers and email addresses are to make contact with a company rep.

An article written by Lea Harris entitled “How to Tell if an Essential Oil Company is Worth Purchasing From – just by checking out their website“, was very helpful and informative in breaking down  what to look for when searching for an essential oil company (without any bias towards any one company).  I found this very refreshing!

Lots of EO brands are being sold on Amazon these days as well, including some well-known brands.  There are also some obscure brands that I’ve never heard of before.  Buying from Amazon rather than directly from source companies raise many questions like:

  • How do you know the supplier is reputable?
  • How do you know the oils are safe to use?
  • How do you know you are getting the best quality oil?
  • Where do the companies source their oils?
  • What are the company’s business practices?

Some oils are only sold on Amazon with no home web page, so I didn’t include those companies in my list because there was no way to further research them and get answers to the questions above. BIG RED FLAG!!

Fortunately, I found this informative article about buying essential oils on Amazon that you may want to check out.  It’s called: Easy Guide to Safely Buying Essential Oils On Amazon. It answers many of my questions and point out things I never would have thought of like how it’s interesting  that you can actually buy Young Living and DoTERRA  oils on Amazon.  Apparently Young Living distributors aren’t allowed to sell on Amazon anymore, so it makes you wonder even more if what you are getting is the real deal.  The article above addresses this.

As I continue my research, this exercise is quite revelation for me as I source the best place to buy essential oils for my own use.  When I look at the list myself, it seems like the popularity of essential oils is spawning all kinds of new companies that are vying for a piece of the market.  Who knows if these companies meet the high quality standards that consumers deserve?  It is up to the consumer to do their homework and ask the right questions.   I encourage you to check out the companies on my list for yourself.  It sure opens my eyes to the possibilities!

Finally, if you know of a reputable company/supplier (that is missing from the list, please let me know so I can add them to the EO Source list.  (Please note that I am only listing them, not endorsing them.  I believe it is up to individuals do their own research and make up their own minds:)

You can find my list here.

2 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Beginners: Part 3”

  1. Wow! That is a really comprehensive list! Great research work! Doing your own research and making your own mind up about which oil company offers you the most appropriate oils for your situation is always better than blindly following the pack…Great blog!

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