Eczema Cure: The Treatment That Finally Gave Me Some Relief!

Eczema: The Search For A Cure Begins!

I’ve had eczema flare ups since I was a little girl. This last flare up appeared around five years ago and didn’t go away like before. It just got bigger, itchier and more inflamed. The rash was driving me crazy with the itchiness and looked horrible.   I spent hours researching everything I could about eczema and how to get rid of it because living with the constant pain and itchiness forever was unthinkable.   My doctor referred me to a dermatologist who prescribed a corticosteroid cream.  It didn’t do much so I stopped using it because I didn’t see the point, especially when I read up on it some more and discovered the potential side effects included thinning of the skin.

Essential Oils & DIY Remedies

Ironically, this is what got me started on my essential oil journey. There are lots of recipes on line for DIY  blends, salves,  lotions, Epson salt  and vinegar soaks that claim to either be a remedy or cure for eczema. I tried many of them but none produced any real results so my hands were getting moisturized but my right hand was still as inflamed and itchy as ever.  The itching lead to scratching, which increased the inflammation. This made the rash increase in size.  So, sad to say…. essential oils and DIY remedies did not work for me this time. The search continued.


Past flare ups started with stress and work was definitely a stressor but not the cause as my eczema didn’t go away when I retired. This baffled and puzzled me. I changed my diet according to a food sensitivity test I had done. No noticeable change there either. Then I tried other creams from the drugstore that were supposed to help.  No luck there either.  At that point, I was beginning to think this was going to be something I had to learn to live with and manage the  itching and inflammation as best I could.

Turning Point

The turning point came when my daughter’s wedding date got closer. I really didn’t want an ugly, scaley hand as I greeted guests so I made another appointment with my doctor’s locum.  That visit made all the difference!  I left with a new prescription and nothing to lose. This cream was different than the last few prescriptions that both my doctor and previous dermatologist had prescribed before. I started using it as per directions right away and noticed an improvement after a day. Within a week the rash was mostly gone and I was able to stop using the cream by the second week.  What a relief!!!!!! My hand looks normal now, the itch is gone and there is no more inflammation.  That was three months ago! (UPDATE: 2 1/2 years later, and I still haven’t had another flare up. Very happy with that!!)

The “Cure”

I wish I knew what caused the flare up because I would then know what to do to avoid it. As it stands now, it may or may not come back, but at least I’ll know how to treat it.  I still love the salves and lotions I made and use them to keep the moisture in my hands and to help with the slight pigmentation that was left when the rash went away. I’ll share the recipes in a later post. That said, I’m sure you want to know the name of the cream.  The cream is called: MOMETASONE FUROATE CREAM .1%.

Lessons Learned

Eczema is a condition that is different from person to person.  What works for one person, may not for another. Although I prefer going the natural route, this cream worked for me when nothing else did. Although it is a medium-strength corticosteroid, it is not meant for long term use, so any potential side effects did not concern me.  My prescription was to use it for a maximum of 3 weeks, and I could stop using it after 2, which I did because the rash was gone by then.

My life is back to normal now and the eczema is gone.  What a relief!  Best wishes to all of you struggling with eczema and hoping this can be your “cure” as well!!!


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