My (Sort of) COVID Baby

I think many can agree that these last two years have been a rollercoaster. There is an ongoing joke among millennials where we honestly wonder how many more historical events we will have to live through in our lifetime.

Jokes aside, I have found myself reflecting a lot lately on what the last two years have been like for my family and I.

My particular COVID experience was one that I will never forget – mostly because it was when my daughter came into this world.

My Road to Pregnancy

The journey to become pregnant was one of the most difficult times of my life – and one of the darkest.  I always thought my cycle was regular. Just shy of a year into trying, I was beginning to feel as though my body hated me…I wanted answers!

Infertility took its toll on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Eventually I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and forced to take a break from our baby journey to focus on myself. One of the things that has frustrated me most is that no one talks about the difficult side of infertility…it can feel so lonely, isolating, and can destroy how you think about yourself and your body.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and after having my cycle tracked, I got the answers I so desperately wanted. I felt hopeful.

Fast forward to our second round of the trigger shot and I found out I was finally pregnant with our baby girl. 

After such an emotionally draining journey to getting pregnant which had included a miscarriage, the first part of my pregnancy was anxiety ridden.  But with each ultrasound and assurance from the fertility clinic, my worries faded a little bit ….until COVID came….

Now What?

In March of 2020, my husband and I had planned to share the news to the rest of our family. The first lockdown of 2020 spoiled those plans and we were forced to share the news to our families virtually.  No one saw my growing belly after the stay at home order and what I thought would be a normal pregnancy experience, ended up being far from “normal”.

Suddenly, my husband was no longer allowed to join me at my ultrasound appointments and never even got to meet my OB until the day of my daughter’s birth.

Research on COVID with pregnant women was limited at that time and there was no vaccine available yet. I stayed home and didn’t leave the house unless it was for my doctors appointments. I know a lot of women that have had their first babies in the pandemic would agree, that COVID robbed us of a lot of experiences we always thought we would have during our first pregnancies. There were some experiences I was still able to have but with a COVID twist – I was able to still have a baby shower (both virtually and in person) – it was nice to still have the opportunity to celebrate our little bean.

If Claire asks about her birth when she’s older, the story certainly won’t be a boring one.


Prior to my daughters birth, rumors circulated stating that women were being forced to give birth alone, without birthing partners or a support person due to the pandemic. The anxiety of having to give

 birth, mixed with the unknown of if I would have to do it alone, was a lot to process (thankfully I had nothing to worry about).  Though I did have to give birth with a mask on (was not easy, mind you) my birthing experience was something I will never forget. The contractions are no joke and epidurals are amazing 🙂  lol. Post partum recovery was a ride but even with all the unpleasant parts of giving birth, I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Claire was born a few weeks early – honestly, I cannot express enough how much I love this little nugget. She was worth the wait!

COVID Babies

 I remember when people joked about there being a baby boom due to the pandemic. People were calling babies born/conceived during the pandemic, “COVID babies”. I  don’t really like calling Claire a COVID baby simply because she was conceived before COVID was a big thing. But a lot of what we experienced with her, during her first year, aligns with what a lot of COVID baby parents have also experienced. Isolation in the first year of a child’s life certainly has its down sides!

While my husband and I barely left the house and rarely saw anyone outside our immediate family for the first year, Claire ended up with really bad separation anxiety. Even when she was with her father and I would either leave the room or be within eye sight, she would scream until I was holding her again. When it came time for her to start daycare, the first week was rough.


Currently she is in a “daddy phase “and my husband now has a taste of the attachment issues I had during that first year…aha. At the same time, she now screams at me which is not so nice…lol

After being in daycare for quite a few months, Claire has been thriving! She is social and her personality has been shining through. She is sassy and inquisitive and quirky. She no longer has such severe separation anxiety when she is left with family members.

So if you are reading this and you are pregnant/just recently had a baby during the pandemic, just know this. It gets better, I promise you!  You are strong, and you will get through this! The last two years have been a rough ride for everyone and we are nearly through to the other side. Being a new parent in a pandemic is hard and just know that you’ve got this! 



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