Gemstone Jewelry

Mystic Moon Emporium jewelry is hand crafted with the intention of harnessing the energy and healing properties of gemstones used in each piece. Not only is our jewelry beautiful to look at, it also uses the power of the crystals to change our perspective, focus on what we want and manifest our intentions into reality. By combining the healing properties of the crystals with a conscious desire to grow spiritually, we can embrace all that can be and all that will be. Join us on this journey of what is possible.

While our focus is on gemstones, Mystic Moon creators also incorporate other natural materials into their creations like lava rock, woods, hemp, glass crystals and leather to craft jewelry that you will be proud to wear!

Each piece is made with love and pride.

Prior to shipping, your jewlery will be cleansed and charged then carefully packaged in a special satchel. Your piece will come with special instructions including how to care for it.

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