Azurite Guidance


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This gorgeous and rare piece of Azurite measures 2×1 cm and is placed on a 20″ non-tarnish silver plated chain.


  • Opens the third eye and crown, stimulating psychic powers, assisting in past life recall and bringing an increased sense of connection to the Divine.
  • Works with throat chakra as well
  • Helps one sense the truth in a situation and protects one from being misled.
  • It allows one to understand others motives and to act in alignment with Spirit.
  • Helps psychics and other intuitive sellers improve the accuracy of their interpretations.
  • Can help one understand the root of one’s fears when one is habitually untruthful or deceptive.
  • It can lend one the courage to correct these patterns and be more clear and truthful to oneself and others. 
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Prior to shipping, your gemstone necklace will be cleansed and charged, then carefully packaged in a special satchel. Your necklace will come with special instructions including properties as well as care instructions.


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