Fluorite Diffuser

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This fluorite diffuser necklace was made from two 6mm fluorite beads, a large 8mm lava rock bead, strung together on antique brass, and set on an antique brass chain 23″. Due to the porous nature of the lava rock bead, this bracelet allows the wearer to diffuse essential oils to reap the therapeutic benefits of the oils.


  • Acts like a vacuum cleaner for your mind, clearing it of confusion, cluttered thoughts  and negativity.
  • Balancing to the Third-Eye Chakra and to mental energies
  • Absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations.
  • Excellent for learning and study and can assist in information retention and memorization.
  • Effective against computer and electromagnetic stress.

Due to the nature of crystals, all the beads will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern.

Lava beads are also incorporated into this necklace. Lava stone comes from the core of the planet so it is known for its grounding and healing properties because of this strong connection to the earth. It is very porous, so it is a perfect medium with which to diffuse essential oils. 

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Additional Info

Prior to shipping, your gemstone necklace will be cleansed and charged, then carefully packaged in a special satchel. Your necklace will come with special instructions including properties as well as care instructions.


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