Moonstone Earrings & Bracelet

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Harness the properties of moonstone with this moonstone chip combo!

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This little combo features moonstone chip dangle earrings on brass earring wires and a matching bracelet strung on stretchy chord. The bracelet fits an average 7″ wrist.

Rainbow Moonstone 

  • Positive protection stone helping to deflect negativity
  • Offers the gift of inner peace and harmony as well as emotional balance 
  • Can help in clearing the emotional body as well as ease emotional trauma.
  • Promotes healthy optimism, which allows one to overcome obstacles and difficult people


Weight 16 g
Additional Info

This bracelet is crafted to be worn as close as possible to the skin to fit an average 7"wrist. It shouldn’t be too tight so the bracelet is uncomfortable to wear If you need a smaller/larger bracelet, please let us know via the contact page and we will custom fit it at no extra charge.
Prior to shipping, this set will be cleansed and charged, then carefully packaged in a special satchel. It will come with special instructions including properties as well as care instructions.

Usage Info

To Use Your Diffuser Bracelet
• Place a drop of your favorite essential oil on a cotton swab and then dab on one of the lava beads on the bracelet.
• Wait a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the bead before putting it on, to avoid staining your clothes.
• If you find that your lava beads are not very absorbent, either wipe them with a cotton swab soaked with nail polish remover or rough them up a little bit with an emery board.
• Some of the beads come with a coating that prevents them from absorbing the oil.


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