Invigorating Salt Scrub {DIY}

Sometimes, coming up with a new recipe is born out of necessity! Such is the case with my new DIY Salt Scrub…..

I absolutely love salt scrubs! I find that they are very efficient at getting rid of dead skin, and if they have the right ingredients, can moisturize, leave the skin feeling soft and silky and make the bathroom smell great. This recipe came about when a salt scrub I used to buy suddenly became extinct. I loved that scrub because it did the job and smelled amazing! 

Since the scrub was discontinued,  I couldn’t find a comparable replacement, so in desperation, I decided to create my own scrub after taking a look at the ingredients. How hard could it be?  After tinkering around a bit, the end result was amazing and came pretty close to the original in both texture and smell and worked just as well.  My daughters love it and it has since become a regular item in their Christmas stockings. 

This particular scrub also makes a wonderful gift and I’ve even used it as a party favour for my daughter’s bridal shower. You can read more about that here.


The ingredients all have a purpose and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated whether you use it in the bath or in the shower. (Keep away from sensitive areas!)


  • natural detoxifier
  • invigorates and cleanses
  • regenerates
  • improves circulation
  • has antiseptic effects
  • reduces stress


  • natural moisturizer
  • helps fight inflammation
  • reduces bacteria
  • soothes irritated skin
  • cleansing properties


  • humectant**
  • keeps skin hydrated and moisturized
  • oil free and non- comedogenic
  • helps shed dead skin
  • gentle so it doesn’t dry out skin


  • contains menthol for cooling sensation
  • helps to cleanse and rejuvenate skin
  • has antibacterial and astringent properties


  • purifying, cleansing and clarifying
  • anti-inflammatory  and anti-microbial properties
  • invigorating smell; promotes sense of vitality

**a substance that pulls water from the second layer of the skin and brings it to the  top layer of the skin.

Refreshing Salt Scrub – The Recipe!

**This recipe was formulated by weight. See below for my reasoning!

  • 300 gr | 69.02 % sea salt
  • 12 gr | 2.76 % castor oil
  • 120 gr | 27.61 % glycerin
  • 1.25  gr  | .29 % Eucalyptus oil (approx. 30 dr)
  • .90 gr |.21 Peppermint oil (approx. 20 dr)
  • coloured mica (optional – I think it looks pretty when coloured, particularly if you are gifting it to someone. The scrub works fine without colour)
  1. Place a bowl on the scale and zero it out. Slowly add the sea salt until you get the desired weight, then zero out the scale. (Zero out the scale after adding each ingredient)

  2. Add the castor oil slowly until you hit the desired weight.

  3. Slowly add the glycerin until you get the desired weight.  Mix well.  

  4. Add essential oils drops  and mica and stir until well combined. (I generally add a dash of mica first to see if I like the colour.  If I want it darker, I add just a dash at a time until I get the hue that I want.

  5. Easy peezy!!! You are done! Scoop the scrub into a glass or PET approved container. ( I prefer the PET jar since I keep this scrub in my shower and don’t want to worry about broken glass)  This recipe will fill an 8 oz container (makes  435 gr of scrub).

Note: You can either 1) add the ingredients to a bowl and zero out the scale after each ingredient addition, or 2) measure out each ingredient separately to weigh and then add to the mixing bowl. I find it easier to do it the first way.

I have used this scrub on both my body and face and have had no problems. My suggestion would be to do a patch test before you use it on your face if you have really sensitive or oily skin.

Measuring: Weight vs Volume

Before you ask, I have adopted the practice of measuring my ingredients on a digital kitchen scale (this is the one I use ) rather than using volume measurements. The reason I do this is because it’s more accurate, particularly when you’re dealing with something solid like chunks of coco butter, beeswax, etc. This method of measurement  ensures I always get consistent results whenever I make it. It is very frustrating dealing with recipes that have volume measurements that are difficult to measure. It’s such a waste to discard a batch that it does’t turn out because the percentages aren’t right.  How do you accurately measure a tablespoon of beeswax when it comes in chunks? The answer is you don’t. How can you ensure consistent results without accurate measurements? You can’t.

The impracticalities of measuring out beeswax by volume (Source)

That said, I now work with weights and percentages when working on recipes to create formulations and keep notes on any changes that are made so that when I go to make it again, it comes out just the same as the first time I made it. I can honestly say that I have more successes this way and get consistent results every time.

If you want to know more about this, I have linked to articles that explore this topic in more depth below this post. 

I hope you enjoy my first DIY recipe!



Extra References:

***As we all navigate through this COVID19 crisis, I wish you and yours continued good health. Please follow best practices for social distancing so you and your loved ones can remain safe and avoid this horrible virus.***


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  2. And maybe the biggest bonus of all when it comes to using a kitchen scale: it’s soooo easy! Definitely easier than using measuring spoons. A lot of the time there is less clean up as well. Kitchen scales are not expensive, it would be lovely if more cooking recipes used weight measurements (measuring solid coconut oil by volume is stupid, lol)

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