Crystal Net Bangle

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A beautiful bracelet that is part of our “Special Occasion” collection. 


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This stunning bracelet is made with faceted smoky crystal beads, netted with gunmetal and silver seed beads. It features natural black onyx gemstones and a black, magnetic clasp for added convenience and flair.


  • Stone of inner and physical strength
  • Increases one’s ability to learn challenging new material
  • Enhances one’s endurance and persistence
  • Boosts memory retention and encourages attention to detail
  • Can keep one focused on an exercise regime, weight loss program or other efforts to improve one’s health
  • Calms nervousness, quells anxiety, soothes hot tempers, and brings reason to passion
  • Can be used to heal old griefs and sorrows


Weight 31.20 g

Comfortably fits an average 7"wrist.

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