Fluorite Antique Brass


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This necklace was made from a tiny fluorite stone, wrapped in antique brass and placed on an 18″ antique brass chain.


  • Brings structure and focus to incoherent or in cohesive energies.
  • It helps one attune to higher guidance during meditation and will tend to produce meditations with rich visions and insights.
  • It is ideal for strengthening one’s ability to receive psychic information from energy fields and can enhance ones capacity for interpreting such information.
  • Fluorite can remedy confusion, vacillation, instability, dishonesty, and disorders arising from incoherent thought patterns.
  • It helps overcome fear of the future. It aids in thinking through ones feelings when one is overwhelmed by emotional experience.
  • Fluorite assists in balancing brain chemistry, enhancing learning and memorization abilities, and stimulating the brain.
  • It can assist in issues of dizziness or vertigo, and can help one be more physically balanced.
  • Fluorite is strengthening for the bones and teeth
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