Peacock Ore



These peacock ore necklaces were wrapped with antique brass wire and placed on antique brass chains. The colours vary due to the uniqueness of the stone. See “variations”.
Peacock ore

  • ¬†Also known as Chalcopyrite.
  • Known as the Chakra Stone and will cleanse, balance, and align all your chakra energy centers individually.
  • Assists in shifting your inner self, aligning your thoughts and emotions in a very soothing and calming way.
  • Works best with the third eye, allowing one to rediscover long forgotten knowledge.
  • A great grounding stone allowing the body and mind to release stress related emotions which in turn cause an imbalance throughout the body.
Additional Info

Prior to shipping, your gemstone necklace will be cleansed and charged, then carefully packaged in a special satchel. Your necklace will come with special instructions including properties as well as care instructions.


blue, purple/pink