Sphalerite on Antique Brass

$34.00 $30.60

This wire wrapped necklace can be worn for many occasions. It is also part of our Root Chakra series. Click here for more information.

This piece of Sphalerite was hand picked and obtained from the Flamborough quarry in Ontario, Canada. It was wrapped with antique brass wire and placed on an antique brass 19.5″ chain.


  • Stimulates the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras and grounds and filters energy.
  • Stone of discrimination, allowing one to tell the difference between authentic and bogus information.
  • ¬†Enhances physical energy, while maintaining grounded state and protecting against hyperactivity
  • Facilitates clarity of thought, vitality and strength of will, inspiration and decisiveness.
  • Promotes a positive attitude to body image.
Weight 13.21 g
Additional Info

Prior to shipping, your gemstone necklace will be cleansed and charged, then carefully packaged in a special satchel. Your necklace will come with special instructions including properties as well as care instructions.

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