Refreshing Citrus Blends



I love citrus fruits. Nothing says refreshing like the wonderfully aromatic smells of lemons, oranges, tangerines and limes. Add in bergamot and lemon grass and the possibilities are endless.¬† Diffusing citrus blends lifts me up and freshens up my surroundings giving me that “Zen” feeling.

Here are some of my favourite recipes that I use regularly:

3 Grapefruit
4 Orange
3 Lemon
2 Bergamot

Citrus Supreme
3 Lime
3 Orange
2 Tangerine
2 Lemon

Happy Time
3 Orange
3 Lemon
3 Bergamot
3 Peppermint

Energy Boost
4 Orange
4 Lemongrass
4 Wintergreen

Citrus Zen
3 Lemongrass
4 Bergamot
4 Grapefruit

Burst of Citrus
4 Tangerine
4 Grapefruit
4 Lime

I have a 300 ml diffuser, so these are the recipes I use with my diffuser. Check out my “Diffusing Essential Oils” post for more information on diffusing essential oils and a guideline on how many drops to use for different sized diffusers.

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