DIY Shower Favours Your Guests Will Love!

As promised, I’m going to devote some time to write about some of the DIY things we did leading up to and including Ashley’s wedding, starting with some shower favours. DIY shower favours that your guests will love gives them something personal to take home.  They were so much fun to make, cost effective and appreciated by the guests. Enjoy……..


I love going to the spa. My daughter Lindsay and I have a special mother-daughter bonding ritual once a year where we go away to the Scandinavian Spa and treat ourselves to a day of chillin, relaxation and rejuvenation. We always come away from this special time feeling like new women and wishing we could go back the next day for a repeat!! {Sigh}

Similarly, our feet need the same treatment, especially if we are on them all day or we’ve done something where they need some extra TLC…..or just because. There is nothing like a good foot soak where your feet can luxuriate in the warmth of the water as well as soak in the benefits of what you put in that water. When my tender tootsies are soaking, my feet thank me while my mind takes me back to the Scandinavian Spa….

Before making my concoctions, I used to soak my feet in Epson salts without knowing the true benefits, except that my feet felt great afterwards and I slept better. Now I know I was getting the benefits of the magnesium. What a bonus! That gave me the great idea to share my favourite mixtures as shower favours for my daughter’s bridal shower.

These gifts were very easy to make, economical and personal. They presented beautifully and were well received. The ingredients are easy to find and packaging them is only limited by your imagination. In our case, I found lovely containers at the dollar store (amazing what you can find there?).  So here are the recipes for foot soak shower favours….

stressbuster foot soak copy2

The lavender buds in the above recipe can be optional, but they look so pretty when giving as a gift and if you happen to grow it in your garden like I do, it’s all natural and organic. To use, fill a basin with water as hot as you can stand it (not scalding!). You want to cover your ankles to get the full benefit. Sprinkle in about ½ a cup of the foot soak powder and stir to dissolve. Soak your feet for about 15 to 20 minutes and let the stress melt away! Make sure you drink some water while soaking to stay hydrated:)

citrus bliss foot soak copy

This particular soak is amazing! I love the citrusy (is that a word?) smell of this, particularly the lime which is why I gave it the green tinge. It reminds me of summer and lime mojitos! The instructions to use this mixture is the same as above. Get ready to relax and end up with lovely feet!

The next recipe is wonderful for tired, achy feet (aren’t they all?) and utilizes the powerful benefits of peppermint. I was surprised at how wonderful this mixture made my feet feel. They felt totally refreshed and my planter’s fasciitis was much less achy.

refreshing peppermint

When I did this particular mixture up for the shower (not pictured), I wanted it to look different from the others, so I experimented with the colour. I wanted a blue tinge, but more on the icy blue side so I added red to the blue, so it bordered on purple but not quite. The effect was a perfect complement to the peppermint.

The last foot soak mixture I made utilized my love of menthol crystals as a cooling agent. I’ve been menthol crystals in other things for its cooling properties, so it made sense to utilize it for hot, tired, achy feet. This recipe is a bit strong so please don’t think of using it for a body bath!

cooling copy

This particular soak is one of my favorites. I totally love the cooling effect when my feet are hot, tired and hurting after a long walk or being on my feet all day. The feedback from guests was particularly positive on this one too, so that was very encouraging. To use, start at ¼ cup. The amount of essential oils may seem a bit high, so if you make this recipe, start at the lower end of the recipe and work your way up when you feel comfortable. Again, only use it for your feet because of the menthol. It would be too strong for a bath and those sensitive areas.

Whichever foot soak mixture your use to soak your feet, take advantage of this time to really pamper yourself by exfoliating the dead skin off your feet and moisturizing afterwards. I like to wear soft, comfy socks afterwards to help the moisturizer soak into my feet. If I do the soak before bed, I keep the socks on to sleep and wake up with well rested, pampered and moisturized feet!

So there you have it. Wonderful shower favours your guests will love!!   In coming posts, I will be posting how-to’s and recipes for some of the other favours. In the meantime, below is some interesting reading I found while checking out the ingredients for these foot soaks. As well, if you read my Essential Oil for Beginner’s series, you will find some useful information and links. Enjoy!

More Information: (Articles I found very interesting!)

Epson salts (found in most grocery stores, Walmart, Costco)

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Benefits of Soaking Feet in Epson Salt

Sea Salt (found in most grocery stores, bulk food stores, Costco)

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Baking Soda

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Essential Oils

If you are new to essential oils, check out my blog post series for beginners here. I talk about my essential oil journey and hopefully give the reader something to think about as they embark on their own!

Have questions about essential oils or looking for resources? I’ve posted quite an extensive list here.  Check it out for yourself.

Wondering where to buy essential oils, especially in Canada? When I first started using essential oils, it seemed like the only place to buy them was in the US. Since those of us who live in Canada have to deal with the dollar issue, duties and taxes, I wanted to find companies that sold good quality, pure and reasonably priced essential oils. I came up with my source list, which you can find here. Oils sold by these sources include the US, Canada and international choices. Many of these companies also sell ingredients to make other DIY bath and body products. Check them out for yourself. Please note that I am only listing them, not endorsing them as this is a pretty extensive list!

Did you miss my “Essential Oils For Beginners” Series?  You won’t want to miss it!!

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