Mother of the Bride Gift That Keeps On Giving

As mother of the bride, I’m very lucky to have such a talented daughter….and one who is open to suggestions.

When Ashley got married, she asked me what kind of corsage I wanted.  Since I was doing the flowers, I didn’t see the point in making myself a corsage. From past experience, I didn’t want anything that I had to pin on my dress because that would be uncomfortable and likely ruin the delicate material, and I didn’t want a wrist corsage as they get in the way and the elastic is generally too tight. Don’t get me wrong, corsages are lovely and a beautiful idea, but not practical…..and they don’t last beyond the day!

So for Ashley’s wedding, I asked her to make me a bracelet that would compliment my dress and be something I could have as a keepsake of her wedding. That’s what she did and the result is something I will forever cherish!  This bracelet was designed specifically for the wedding so I am calling it the “Mother of the Bride” bracelet.

mother of the bride copy
“Mother of the Bride” (Mystic Moon Emporium)

I absolutely love this bracelet!! Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, it’s perfect as a corsage substitute and actually has an added longevity beyond the wedding itself. The stones in the bracelet were chosen specifically with the wedding in mind and the crystal spacers added an extra touch of elegance for the occasion.

The main attraction in the “Mother of the Bride” bracelet are the black onyx stones.  Black Onyx is said to absorb and deflect negative energy and help prevent the drain of personal energy.  It also can be used to aid in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina during times of stress. Another property I really like is that it can stimulate the power of wise decision-making. For anyone who has ever been part of pulling off a wedding, you will appreciate these particular properties.

In keeping with the wedding colour theme, Ashley also chose to use amethyst in the bracelet.  Amethyst is not just another pretty stone. I’ve always loved the purple hues in amethyst and was quite happy to learn it is mostly considered a protective stone in that it helps to purify the mind and clear it of negative thoughts including the negativity of stress and anxiety. Again, these healing properties are very helpful in a wedding setting.

The last stone in the middle of the bracelet is  clear quartz. This is another of my favourite stones.  Clear quartz is an amplifying stone, meaning that if you pair it with another stone, it amplifies its properties. That is something I consider an added bonus!

So there you have it…….a perfect mother of the bride or groom gift and guaranteed to be appreciated and treasured for years to come.  I know that mine will always be a special reminder of my daughter’s special day!

If this is something you think would work for you, contact us to let us know.  We are developing a line of bracelets for mother of the bride and groom as well as the wedding party that will be in the store in coming weeks. In the meantime, there are some lovely bracelets in the store just waiting for you!!  You can find them here.

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