There’s a club for rock-hounds?

Thierry and I have been attending a larger number of vendor shows lately. With each show, we have been able to learn and improve. It has definitely been a learning curve as neither one of us comes from any sort of sales background. Now that our things are just about fully unpacked from the move, we can once again focus on creating new products.

Thierry and I have been interested in gemstones for as long as we have been together. In those 6 years, our taste in stones has changed. I have accumulated many types of stones over the years,. Many that are small, tumbled, or commonly found. I now crave larger pieces, rare pieces, ones that I can marvel at. Nature is wondrous and mineral specimens are proof of that.

Thierry and I have met so many lovely people with each vendor show that we have gone to. It is great to be able to share my passion with others. It was an amazing treat when we were told from a fellow vendor that there are some cities that have their own clubs for rock hounds like us. We were dumbfounded that we had not heard of this before.

Immediately, we searched online and low and behold there was one in our local city.

One of the things that attracted me to join was the prospect of being able to go to a mine to extract my own specimens.

From what we have been told, the first field trip to the mine is in a couple months. Of course I will be making a post about this, I just wanted to share my excitement.


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